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Long-time advocate for abuse survivors, Tashia Scott  is the founder of The Rescue Project, where she serves as the facilitator, mentor, life coach, motivator, and project manager. In late-2009 Tashia saw the need for a healing center worldwide to connect and learn from one another’s past experiences. Tashia has taken pages from her own life of abuse, neglect, drugs, homosexuality, and domestic abuse. Tashia was seeking something bigger then her narcissistic ways of thinking, and she finally said to herself, “It’s time to stop hurting myself and everyone around me.”  


It was then that her dysfunctional marriage ended, and that’s where God's transformation began. Tashia would have what she calls open-eye dreams in which the Lord was showing her life in "living color “It wasn’t a pretty picture, but she says He promised her "if you are willing to give up your life of material things and all things blocking your communication with Me, you will live to tell the greatest story ever told." A cocaine addict, Tashia understood that healing from self-medicating would be a process requiring a more spiritual and holistic approach. She fell to her knees in screaming prayers, begging and yelling to GOD, “I’M READY DAMN IT” and “I CAN’T DO THIS ON MY OWN!” She was tired of the Zoloft and other medication the doctors gave. So now there was one thing left to do, and that was get serious about living or get serious about killing herself. She says “I was raped at 14, spent all of my 20’s behind bars For Manslaughter, so freedom was a foreign word to me.

There are so many levels of bondage people are suffering from but if they don’t have full understanding of SELF, they will always be in a mental, emotional, spiritual, or even physical prison. The Rescue Project Focuses on healing 360 degrees, from the inside out. You see, I’m a believer of facing life’s issues, We can sweep them under the rug, but pretty soon a mountain of pain is growing underneath. Then what happens is, you end up tripping over your own mess. Let me pause and say this, God will make something beautiful out of your mess!" We can’t see it when we're right up in it, but if you begin to believe that there’s a higher power, watch the transformation begin. It’s not rocket science, and yes even a cave man can grasp it. All you have to do is BELIEVE!!! It isn’t about what happened to us, it’s truly about how we apply what we learned while going through. Today marks the beginning of the rest of your life. HOW WILL YOU LIVE THE REST OF YOUR DAYS ON THIS EARTH? I choose to be Rescued Free from everything that has ever held me captive. Will you join me?

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