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Empath 360°


Future Domestic Trauma Center Needs Your Help

Help pioneer new therapeutic techniques for domestic abuse survivors
to overcome their psychological and physical injuries


Tashia “Life Survivor” Scott, woman of many talents, experiences and successes, is seeking funding for a domestic abuse survivor center called Empath 360° for people from all walks of life. Her mission is to assist these survivors to help heal themselves, empower their life choices, and ultimately make themselves into the best they can be. Here is her story.


My Story

My name is Tashia Scott, and I am a motivational speaker who specializes with victims of domestic abuse. As a survivor of domestic abuse myself, I recognize that the desire to change one’s surroundings has to come from within, which is why I want to open a multi-purpose domestic trauma center called Empath 360° that educates, heals, and ultimately prevents all forms of physical and emotional abuse within the household.



The Impact

Empath 360° will help men, women and teenagers develop new ways to combat the terrible physical and mental damage caused by domestic abuse. By using group counseling in combination with individual one-on-one therapy, we utilize conventional methods as well as alternative healing solutions such as aromatherapy, nutritional therapy, and other techniques as well. Many of these victims have been raised in dysfunctional households, so we especially focus on ways to identify different patterns of abuse so that they will not fall into the same cycle of abuse with somebody else later in life. We will also offer self-protection courses and educational lectures.These programs will not only directly help the survivors of physical and psychological abuse, but they will also help change the way people see domestic violence in general. We need to show that not all domestic abuse is as obvious as a closed fist – there are many other forms as well.



What I Need

Ideally I would like to build a new facility from the ground up, but I am looking to raise at least $40,000 to purchase a safe house or a research center entitled Empath 360° which I can then modify with state-of-the-art amenities and treatments.



Other Ways To Help

It's great when people can help donate. But if you can't donate at this time, it doesn't mean that you can't help. We will be holding a series of fundraising events in the near future, including a marathon in June called Run, Rally, Roar. Please share my story via social media, email and word of mouth to tell your friends about my campaign.  Thank you so much!


More About Tashia Scott

Long-time advocate for abuse survivors, Tashia Scott  is the founder of The Rescue Project, where she serves as the facilitator, mentor, life coach, motivator, and project manager. In late 2009, Tashia saw the need for a healing center worldwide to connect and learn from one another’s past experiences. Tashia has taken pages from her own life of abuse, neglect, drugs, homosexuality, incarceration, domestic abuse - even finding out she was married to two people at the same time. Tashia was seeking something bigger then her narcissistic ways of thinking and finally said to herself, “It’s time to stop hurting myself and everyone around me.”



Where you can find Tashia Scott

You can follow Tashia Scott on her journey of help and discovery at
Facebook –
Twitter –

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